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With our Fluke digital IR/Thermal unit we are now able to see the core in real-time operation. The high power amp and some rather large resistors are giving some really spectacular results.


G Whip Professional Baluns for the Amateur


There's some real junk around! especially on Ebay, just look at this mess below, the connections are not even soldered but trapped behind the nuts, the Tri-filar winding is not even 50 ohm impedance because of the spacing/gaps, and also, a non waterproof box, and yes you are going to use it outdoors!!. The Chinese products are not much better either with water penetrating into the units, running down the coax cable and into the radio causing severe damage.









We have been studying the building and construction techniques of baluns and un/uns for a number of years and reference Jerry Sevicks excellent books on "Transmission Line Transformers", these books are expensive but have over 40 years of knowledge in them, add this information to the new breeds of ferrite mixes and you can come up with some remarkable new results. For instance, look further down the page and notice the visual sweep of a 4/1 G Whip balun, the return loss of 40db gives a 1.02/1 VSWR plot which is superb, and that is from approx 2 to 60MHz. Read the comments from users.

Think before you buy!!!!. So you need a balun? a voltage or current balun, a common mode choke balun? balanced lines? or unbalanced lines? un/un?. Windom? bal or unbal? ratio 1/1, 4/1, 6/1, 9/1 or 12/1?..............yes you guessed it, about 90% of amateurs just go and buy a box off the shelf, but is it the right thing for the job? 

And here's another one below, this 6/1 followed by a 1/1 common mode choke for a famous Windom is horrible, the sweep is shocking at 2/1++++ and the construction is just rubbish, common mode choke impedance is only 200 ohms @ 14MHz! so, wonder why your antennas don't work correctly?? The connections are not even insulated rendering the whole unit to short out when the wind blows.








Below is a close up of the right-hand unit, look carefully at the un-insulated connections











Why do amateurs pay 129.00 for this type of rubbish? ....   Answer: Well nobody knows what is inside until things go wrong!

Here is another one made by a guy in the UK who sells antennas, we were sent this picture and then the box of what was claimed to be a 9/1 unit for a vertical fishing pole antenna......Really, a 9/1??? impossible!















There's lots more, but this one below was sent to us and wins the worst balun or un/un EVER: A 9/1 with the worst soldering we have ever seen, the SO239 is not even tinned/soldered and the reviewer of the unit said that the measurements are disgraceful (which we confirmed as we have one of the units) all in a non waterproof box with non stainless steel fittings and all hidden with plastic tape and stuck up with super glue so you cannot get into it to have a look!! how much? 32.00!!!.............just look at those terminated sweep figures! and yes the 1/1 and 4/1 units are not much better as we have those too!! Pity really because the core is quite good, the rest is, well, judge for yourself. We have now seen several of these units, full of water and rusty terminals, even some where when the core/wire was inserted into the box the screws punctured the core winding, so if you see baluns for sale without stainless steel fittings, leave them alone.













Many people use Micro-metal Ferrites, and they are good, but we have an in sight to even better mixes of grades of rings including ones used for professional applications using Type 31 or 43 but then F9 and F14 mixes are better for the applications required in dedicated frequency use. There's lots of new ferrite mixes entering the market that out perform the standard Iron Powder cores. 

G Whip are able to design new ideas to give better efficiencies, our design work studies here in the UK open up great opportunities for superior products both electrically and mechanically.

G Whip uses the finest test equipment to produce the BEST results, no expense is spared to get impedance matches the best, we have a vast range of Spectrum Analysers, Antenna Analysers, Sweep Generators, RF Field indicators and even Hand Held Spectrum Field Strength Analysers. We test EVERY unit and offer an analyser sweep.


Quality components including RG316/RG303 Teflon/PTFE coax, Teflon "N" and SO239 sockets all finished with Stainless steel hardware













Below is a G Whip professional 1/1 PTFE RG316 Mil' spec coax made balun, it is a choke balun that helps prevent rf from being returned on the braiding of the feed-line. High choking impedance well over 2500 ohms.
















Make sure you buy G Whip baluns, just read the feedback and the reports on You Tube...............................

1/1, 4/1, 6/1, 9/1, 12/1 in un/un or balun configurations and power levels up to 5kw for those of you who have high power permits, all made with PTFE wire and Teflon tube, plus of course the right cores, current or voltage models available.

From QRP to QRO, single cores or stacked cores G Whip have them all. 

We also supply the wound cores, for instance, if you are making an ATU/Matcher and only want the wound core and not the potted core/box then we can supply it for you.

We have the finest components and prices are low!


Common Mode Chokes:

RF in the Shack or just want lower noise?

This has become an interesting subject in recent times. Many amateurs leave the hobby due to the many gadgets around that cause high noise levels, it is an interesting situation to go around your house with a portable HF receiver just to see what is generating noise. One of the biggest noise makers I found was my electric toothbrush base unit, noise could be heard from it at nearly 100 feet away, so, a quick addition of a small core on the mains lead and everything was gone. Another big noise maker is the switched mode power supply that powers those little halogen lights in the kitchen or bathroom, they are horrible things, best to change it for a linear transformer type.

There's dozens of these noise making machines, but they can be tamed with a little patience.

In our quest to search out these annoying RF generators we use a Tri-field monitor (100KHz to 2.5GHz), this is a fantastic little device for tracking down noise generators.

So, many of the problems can be ironed out on the receive side, noise can be killed!, but what about the transmit line? well similar units can also be used to stop the RF being returned to the "Shack", in fact I know of several stations using up to 3 effective common mode chokes, one at the station transmitter/amplifier, one in the feed-line, and one at the feed-point, this results in noise reduction by quite a few dbs on the receive side of things and also zero RF in the operating shack.

Another interesting case was involving interference on a PC monitor, RF was getting in and causing all sorts of problems, I asked the individual concerned if he had installed any ferrite rings on the monitor lead of which he replied "there is already one on the lead", now, the one that is fitted on the lead when it comes out of the factory is to get it through CE standards for it's own emissions and the ferrite used in that particular case is no good for attenuating rf coming in! meaning different cores for different jobs, so don't just go out and buy the "clamp on type ferrite" as most of  those are for designed for internal emission problems.

Below is a high grade 1/1 common mode choke balun. It features a Manganese Zinc core mix 36 custom made, wound with RG316 PTFE coax, rated at the full UK legal power (400 w pep). It is designed for in line operation and has 2 x SO239 of the highest quality you have ever seen which are PTFE/Teflon insulated and gold plated centre pins. The unit is resin potted in a 100mm x 100mm poly IP rated box and has the usual condensation hole (it is supplied with the lid!).  Priced at 69.00 ex VAT 






With our Fluke digital IR/Thermal unit we are now able to see the core in real-time operation. 


Lots more to come.......................

Prices, there are so many combinations of boxes, connectors, power levels etc that is would take forever to list all the different prices and options, so drop us an email g4icd (at) btinternet.com and we will price up your requirements at a competitive price.

Lots of Guanella Current Baluns!

More to add including Iron Powder Vs Zinc/Maganese & Ni/Zi cores and more on the Common Choke balun situation, in the meantime don't buy Iron Powder cores or baluns made from them. If you need to make a balun to fit into the ATU/Matcher and don't want a completed/potted one then email us as we can supply the finest materials to make your own unit, we stock F9 and F14 Ni/Zi and Zi/Mn cores, plus PTFE wire and Teflon tube.