The G Whip Flexiten Mobile 

Made in Britain

This antenna is probably the best mobile antenna design on the market, it's unique helical centre loaded design offers maximum radiation due to the helical distribution of RF.


You do not need an ATU as the antenna is resonant.


The base stem is fibre glass with stainless steel or brass fittings, 26" base helically wound stem.


The coils are made of Tufnol and are also fitted with stainless steel or brass thread adaptors, they are waterproofed and heat shrinked to eliminate any tuning drift. (see the commercial page if you require the ultimate coils)


The upper resonating telescopic tuning stem is stainless steel, as are the whips.


The quality is superb, it is UK made and not one of the cheap Chinese imports now appearing on the European market.



Various base fittings are available from light duty to very heavy commercial duty.



Coils can be made for any frequency from 3.5 to 24 MHz.



Comes with heavy duty chromed brass base with SO239 underside (needs a 1/2" hole for mounting or use our tow eye unit), base fibre glass stem, coils for 80/40/20/ and stainless steel telescopic resonator and whips: Top band coils not available as they are too heavy.

Lots of options of base mounts/springs and coils etc

Sample VSWR plots @ 52 ohms:


Superb British quality