The G Whip Pro Mobile Antenna:

Made in Britain

The G Whip Pro Mobile Antenna:

This mobile antenna is top grade commercial quality, it uses a single 42 helically wound base stem, centre fed loaded coil for maximum rf distribution, and stainless steel upper tuning network for the resonator. Available in Black. Base thread is 3/8" UNF.

Includes, heavy duty base fitting (3/8" UNF) with SO239 underside (requires a hole approx 1/2 dia for fitting, no spring), double heat-shrinked 42" stem, 4 double heat shrinked coils for 160/80/40/20 (Brass ferrules), stainless steel whip adjuster and 3 stainless steel whips. No coil required for 10 Mtrs if you mount the antenna on the roof or boot.

Other coils available for WARC. (see options/prices page)

Superb quality and perfectly resonant.

Comes with heavy duty earth strap and fittings to bolt to car chassis.

Adjustable in seconds to any part of the band.

Optional items include "Tow Eye" fitting bracket, various springs are available. (see options/prices page)

Resonator is A2 Stainless steel.

No tuner required.

Height extender available (see Options/Prices page)

Made to order only as customers may require different coils

100 watt pep rated.

Price 150.00 plus 15 shipping (UK ONLY)

Commercial Version:

Commercial spot frequencies made to order, single coil centre loaded, comes with special 3 hole base mount and spring all blackadised, coaxial cable and plug. 285.00 ex vat. VERY HEAVY DUTY. MADE TO ORDER ONLY



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