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3D Printed Parts

3D printing has solved a few problems as it is

increasingly difficult to find suitable components of good enough quality at an affordable price.

It allows me to design and make bespoke items that do the job perfectly rather than struggling with awkward or unsuitable compromises. 



These winders were intended for my complete antennas only but have generated unexpected interest particularly from SOTA and portable operators looking for a better alternative to kite winders.

At only 33g and measuring 230mm x 70mm x 10mm they are small, light and convenient.

As they are used in my production antennas and take 6 hours each to print the quantity available may be limited. 3D printing is very clever but extremely slow.

         £3:50 each with postage calculated when ordered or enquiry received.

Corner Insulators


Suitable for the corners of loop antennas but mainly for those of us who have to bend the ends of our antennas to fit our gardens.

With a 6mm gap and a large radius curved surface for the wire these will slide along the wire when installing or in the wind. No more acute angles or fixed insulators restricting movement or weakening the wire. Simply hook onto the wire and you're done.

These are 3D printed with ASA, an ABS type plastic making them UV and weather resistant.

        £3:50 each with postage calculated when ordered or enquiry received.

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