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50 Years of G-Whip

In 1967 G-Whip was started by Frank GW3DZJ producing mobile antennas that quickly gained an enviable reputation for great performance and quality.

Geoff G4ICD took over and for 12 years added his own designs for baluns, ununs and antennas. Again exceptional quality and high performance has resulted in G-Whips sales coming from recommendation and reputation with no need to advertise.

In June of 2017 I became the third owner of G-Whip. I benefit from the expertise and reputations of Frank and Geoff. For this I am extremely grateful.

Andrew GW0UZK

It is with sadness that I have to announce that the man who started G-Whip 50 years ago, Frank Pardy GW3DZJ, passed away at the age of 89 on 28/1/2018

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