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The dipole is the antenna we compare all others to when expressing gain. A beam is better but very few other single element antennas can match its efficiency, it's easy to forget just how good a dipole can be.

Built around a specially made heavy duty centre with coax strain relief, stainless steel fittings  and kevlar reinforced wire these are built to last.

Appearance may vary depending  parts availability.

10/11m £40 plus £9 P+P

12m     £41 plus £9 P+P

15m     £43 plus £9 P+P

17m     £45 plus £9 P+P

20m    £47 plus £9 P+P

30m    £52 plus £11 P+P

40m    £55 plus £11 P+P

60m    £65 plus £12 P+P

80m    £75 plus £12 P+P

160m   £120 plus £16 P+P

P+P is Royal Mail special delivery next day by 1pm UK ONLY. International postage may be more

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