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The G5RV is probably the most popular multi band antenna in the world. available in two sizes covering either 80 - 10m or 40 - 10m with fitted 300 or 450 ohm twin feeder in the centre to an so239 socket.

Designed as a three half wave collinear for 20m with the twin feeder length chosen to allow multi band operation. 

The ZS6BKW variant was redesigned to provide a better match as a multibander with a very slight performance reduction on 80m.

I have never been happy with the exposed connections and poor feeder clamping of most G5RV/doublet centres on the market so I now 3d print them to my own design using a UV resistant plastic.

Need to bend the ends to fit your garden? click here


G5RV 40-10m  

51' (15.5m) top with 15' (4.6m) twin feeder

£60 plus £11 P+P

G5RV 80-10m        

102' (31m) top with 30' (9.1m) twin feeder

£75 plus £12 P+P

ZS6BKW 80-10m  

93.5' (28.5m) top with 39' (12m) twin feeder

£75 plus £12 P+P

G5RV with 300Ω feeder. Custom made centre that clamps the feeder securely and no exposed connections.

Appearance may vary depending on power rating and parts availability

P+P is Royal Mail special delivery next day by 1pm UK ONLY. International postage may be more.

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