Windom Antenna

The off centre fed dipole (OCFD) or windom is fed via a 4:1 current balun approximately 1/3 from the end resulting in a multi band antenna that has been popular for decades. Supplied with 5 ferrite beads, to fit rg58 coax, adds a little NVIS to the system in a similar way to a Carolina windom.

40 - 10m (Length 20.25m)  

                250w        £80 plus £12 P+P

                400w        £90 plus £12 P+P

                1000w      £115 plus £12 P+P

80 - 10m (Length 40.5m)

                250w        £90 plus £12 P+P

                400w      £110 plus £12 P+P

                1000w     £135 plus £12 P+P

P+P is Royal Mail special delivery next day by 1pm UK ONLY. International postage may be more.

Appearance may vary depending on power rating and parts availability